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Criminal Record Check

A criminal record (also known as a police record) is a record of a person’s criminal history. This type of check is generally used by potential employers to assess a candidate’s trustworthiness. Through our direct partnership with the Canadian police force we are able to access information determining the existence or confirmation of any criminal convictions for which a pardon hasn’t been granted, thus providing you with the most accurate information on which to make an important employment decision. Furthermore, for a small additional fee ($20) we are able to provide a physical certificate signed by the Canadian Police Force.

Credit History Check

A credit history check can identify if an applicant has any collections, bankruptcies or credit alerts such as a lost or stolen SIN and Identity Fraud, by accessing credit bureau information. Generally, this type of check is useful for all industries with positions of financial responsibility. By cross referencing Credit History with Employment and Education Verification, our search can help validate and increase confidence in the quality of your hire, and provide valuable data to help you understand an applicant’s character and reliability. It can be used to identify applicants who may not show responsibility or who may potentially be pre-disposed to the mismanagement of company funds.


Most bankruptcies are included in a Credit History Report and are removed after a set number of years. At XpressChek Inc., our process can go further to uncover the complete bankruptcy history of an individual by using the Industry Canada Bankruptcy database.

Driving History Record Search

This search is a must when the job requires driving on behalf of the company. We check and verify license validity, class, driving restrictions, violations and expiry. At XpressChek we recommend performing this check annually to help minimize your corporate liability and insurance issues by ensuring the individuals who represent your company on the road are the best and most qualified for the job.

Employment/Personal References Check

At XpressChek we have a detailed process we follow when verifying your applicants provided Employment References. We ask over 20 questions which have been expertly developed to not only validate previous employment, but to also gain valuable insight into your future employee. In our report we’ll link together all the information we obtain, and be able to help uncover attempts to cover up critical information such as unexplained gaps in employment or reasons for leaving.

Education Verification

By contacting educational institutions such as: colleges, universities and trade schools, we take the hassle out of verifying your applicant’s diplomas, degrees & certificates awarded; major areas of study and dates of attendance, thus helping you obtain the best and most qualified individuals for your company.

Accreditation/Professional License Verification

Our Accreditation and Professional License Verification Services allow employers to confirm the information provided by their applicants related to their qualifications or highlight disparate information. It is also used to assist in confirming whether memberships, accreditation or licenses are valid and in good standing, and to confirm the date it was acquired.

Civil Litigation Search

Performing a Civil Litigation Search may ensure your organization safeguards itself against hiring people found negligent or liable by a civil court.

SIN Verification

This search verifies an individual’s name or names, Social Insurance Number, Date of Birth and address history. A fraudulent SIN may be indicative of identity theft, insufficient citizenship, or concealment of a “past life”. We recommend SIN verification’s so you can have complete confidence in who you’re engaging with.


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